How To Keep Your Teeth Clean – 5 Tips

Hi everyone!

Here are some great tips we wanted to share with you on how you can keep your teeth healthy and clean in between your dental appointments.

  1. Change your tooth brush – Update your toothbrush or brush head every 2 – 3 months to avoid transferring bacteria back into your mouth.
  2. Go on a white teeth diet – If what you are eating is brown or red or darkly colored before you put it into your mouth, chances are it will stain your teeth. Cut back on red wine, dark soda, cherries and cigarettes ect.
  3. Clean your tongue – Getting a tongue scrapper and using it every morning will help to eliminate tongue plaque and reduce bad breath!
  4. Hydrate – Drink about a glass of water for every hour you are at work so that when you get home at night you are already plenty hydrated. Water not only helps the digestive system but also helps keep your teeth white and healthy.
  5. Time yourself brushing – Researchers have found that the most effective way to brush is for 2 minutes to ensure you get in there and get your teeth clean! Find a tune to hum to or clock yourself for 2 whole minutes!

Thanks for reading everyone! Until next time – check out more tips on how to keep your teeth clean from Best Health Magazine.


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